06 March 2010

Penang Trip

It's the first time I join the University trip and dinner. I really enjoy it even I am really tired walking and carry my 2 backpack (clothes and cameras) fuhh.. It's heavy and our trip have task and mostly we have to walk along our journey.. every part in AD117 Perak is involved along this trip.. erm.. about 200 students totally..

Day 1

This is botak , in the general bus on the way to ipoh

One the first day, everyone meet we took a train at 1.00 am ( We were at KTMB since 7.00pm).. Haha, a long wait yeah.. never mind, we enjoy it..

charmaine got something i think..

we have a walk around ipoh .. snap snap snap.. .. jokes around and having fun...

from left (farid, botak, toy, zaf, kamal)

until midnight.. we have to wait for the train arrived at Ipoh.. from Ipoh we move to Alor Star..
Luckily we have a good sleep in bed along our journey to Kedah, the food is extra expensive but we had no other choice.. smart business KTMB. :)
we still joke around inside the train and chat with friends.. It is memories right ..

Day 2.

topek seems so tired after 7 hours in train..

Charmaine already wake up but it's still early...

farid in his own dream..

amir .. i don't know what he is thinking..

good morning everyone.. welcome to Kedah

we are supposed to be in Alor Star around 7 but it have been delayed for 3 hours (technical problem..) ... So everyone did not take a bath and smell so fresh like a daily morning..
grab a camera and have a breakfast.. of course we are starving..

kamal "jom jom bergerak"

So let's eat....... even it's not really delicious..

from left, Milo, Amir(me), Veno

Pekan Rabu just end right here, everyone now is going to Shahab Perdana. We have to be there first because the bus to Penang is available at Shahab.

meet Zafran in Shahab..

penat, busuk tak mandi...

We have to wait for almost 3 hours... . but a lot things happen .. :)

the bus finally arrive... Let's jom !

Penang : 3.30 pm...

Everyone seems so tired and sleepyhead all around...

Melor looks fresh.. is it real ?

ferry to penang.. Zaf paid rm1.20 (mahsyuk2)

after a long wait....... finally we arrived in Penang, thank God....


we got a task .. sounds like this " find a cendol pulut.. prove it by taking a picture, u have to enjoy your meal.. have fun otherwise u can't check in the hotel"

jom cari cendoi

We have to find Penang Road.. by walking from jetty +sleepy+tired+busuk..
None of our group live in Penang so it's quite difficult and it's quite far..
walk walk and walk..

and this is the walk path to Penang Road..

Yes... we finally found it.. For sure it's in Penang Road..
Have a nice meal.. we are extremely tired on that day..
make a receipt... so that we can claim our money..

We also lost our direction to Hotel..
About 7 o'clock.. we finally made it..
Oh goodnight.. :)

Day 3.

We have to wake up early.. Of course I don't want to miss the breakfast at hotel.. haha, I want to eat everything that they served..

Task 2.

We have to go to War Museum and find a great picture ..
I feel fresh because I sleep with Botak last night.. wii wii wii..

this is Meq.. got a task.. let's go

So we have to take RapidPenang to go to War Museum.

come come ... have a seat fellas..

fuu.. this time we cannot walk.. haha .. only a superhero could walk 30km..
This rapidPenang won't give a change if you don't have a right amount..

here we are.. I thought we already made it.. It's 500m from bus stop.. and it's not just a straight line.. a hill.. fuuuu

Welcome to War Museum...
This auntie tell us something about history.. hahaha.. / rm 12 per entry
It's very interesting and very tired to snap every picture..

this is Kery.. We crouch through this tunnel, and climb it.. Intresting yeah..

Some picture was post in flickr.. actually we are separated in this museum.. so you better experience it by yourself.

Ok done ..
Get back to Hotel..
Oopps.. Perangin Mall first.. I have to find a shirts for dinner...
Thanks to Charmaine cause she help me to get an extra discount. :)

:). so we are ready for the dinner. Jom turun.. lapaq..

........................... .........................

the task is over, it's time to chill....

and this is how the trip end.. On the next morning.. we took a ferry to Butterworth..
and ............SIDEC, we are here.


  1. haha..
    welcome back dude!..

  2. aiya.. y so short meh?

    susun elok2 sikit ayat2 ang tu.

    sonok depa.