18 February 2011

Dear Sleepers,

I promise, I will learn to love again.
I will learn to live again.

07 December 2010

Virtous Circle

You give me no space,
Like to keep it alive,
Endless shadow from the perspective,
It's attacking.

You burst,
Prove that there are no more autumn,
Pointless finger,
They prove it.

Water turn to ashes,
I wish I could do much better,
To step | high end.

14 November 2010


Stars are big,
It's enough to blow me,
Now I'm home,
I could smell you.

Sense of strings is pulling,
I can't hear you,
Not even see,
Straight to yours.

Footsteps are different,
The touch turn my eyes,
and turn me around,
I met you bitter.

13 November 2010

This Isn't Easy

Fly as we start again,
Remind me always,
I did it again,
I'm sorry

Now we are home,
I'm strong as I never been,
I am breathing good,
But I let you down

If I look around,
I can't see you,
As long as I'm breathing,
I remind myself

You are holding,
You're strong,
You congrats me,
In my heart I appreciate you.

10 November 2010

Would you,

If I lost my chance,
Don't you mind to hold my tears ?

Zero World

You make me blind,
It cover my shadow,
my feet turning blue,
and I could feel the turning ice.

Sleeping with your eyes close dear,
There's nothing much for you,
The ice are not melting today,
maybe someday.

I'm begging you,
Keep me running,
Don't let me crouch,
The ocean are there,

I can't find my destiny.

05 November 2010


Close your eyes,
Step forward,
Cause life is there,
Thank you.

26 October 2010

Damn Sure, Break Down

Fill up with smoke,
So they won't see you,
You are everything I'm not,
Damn sure I'm not like you.

So you will break down,
Dark cloud on someday,
Your eager,
Hungry to kill.

The poison,
Give her the virus,
Thought you might be at the top.
Damn sure that you will break down.

24 October 2010


Something is unspoken,
The day behind you,
A smell like you feel,
They're after you .

You feel scratch,
There was nobody will care,
With no attention
It's terrified to live.

A knife to deep to kill,
Cause I won't be angry,
When they control you,
You will sacrifice for yourself.

Something is unspoken,
How terrible they are.
Just like us.
It' we.

07 October 2010

Live w/ out Them

With the mirror,
I'm afraid.

28 September 2010

The Sun

The sun is still there,
For you to rise,

The sun is still there,
For you to live,

The sun is still there,
For you to learn,

The sun is still there,
Before it goes down .

A Beautiful Lie

The sky will fall,
The world turn to black,
The fire will rise.

A beautiful lie upon your breath,
Breathing while you will gone,
The moon get closer to the world,
Your footstep will crack.

Darkness everywhere,
Moment you could feel the world turn to grey,
Thought the light is what we believe,
But in the end

only God could save you.

You Were Young, You will Grow, They know Better

When you were young,
People didn't regret,
No warning sign you will see,
But there are life waiting,

If you fall,
There are somebody who will save you,
Someone who will there for you,
Now, not now,

A dream,
Moment you thought you could be with you,
You thought you are the best but I believe you will and you are.

I can't breath,
I can't live if
You are not here,

I keep writing,
I keep feeling,
I keep ,
Keep believe that you love me so much .

26 September 2010


I waste,
I waste too much in my life,
Feel like I'm locked,

Another breath and another,
I step and move forward,
I couldn't waste another,
It's for the last time,

You told me so,
You told me you are so much,
Sadly, you are moving,
Left me behind,

I keep silence,
I keep my dream,
I felt so deep,
I just live with what I live,

Wish you were here,
Wish this is forever.
Wish I was taken from you.

19 September 2010


So far away,
Through all the time,
I've been the savior,
The dark time,

On this threat,
I'm moving,
I'm going through,
I put all my dream here,

I will create a new hope
For all the time,
I will breath and give in.

To place at the edge,
At the highest level,

I will be the best for me,
Cause you are amazing,
We will do it together.

10 September 2010

Spirit of Depression

I can't hide this,
It's been quiet today,
Where are they ?

Karma ?
Karma ?
Karma ?

Should I believe this ?

A big part in my soul .
Still right here waiting for something.

Do they ever imagine to trade my soul to gold ?
But this can't be happen.


Faith ?
Faith ?
Yes I believe in faith.

What about fate
fate ?
I never disbelieve this.

Fact ?
Fact ?
It's a fact. You can't argue this.

Face ?
what about face ?
Is there something behind my face ?

It's an expression.
Golden expression.

But I can't hide my feeling

Cause I'm waiting for you.
For you to come and take me.

Patient my dear.
Home will come.
Home will serve you right.
Home sweet Home.

I once came,
twice I came,
This is my home,
But nobody's home.

But this is my home.
My sweet.
My love,
Will you coming home ?

None of us deserve this for right,

2010 / 1990 / 2000 / Hampir Lengkap

Terasa hendak bina sebuah jambatan emas,
Agar aku dapat berhubung semula,
Mengenang kembali semua rakaman,
Indahnya masa itu.

Gambaran dan lukisan memberi perhatian,

Adakah ianya ingatan ? Adakah itu tanda soal yang bererti ada jawapan.
Bingung bermain dalam ingatan,
Perlukah jambatan emas untuk membina semula kasih sayang.

Perlukah aku bina menara gading baru ?
Aku tidak terasa sedih, mungkin sudah kering rasanya.

Bunyi tidak lagi bermain seperti aku selalu bermesra.
Mesrakah . Titik menandakan ia.

Lengkap semula hidupku jika semuanya terjawab.
Tidak mungkin ada selainnya.

Tidak mungkin hilang dengan tiba-tiba.

06 September 2010

Selepas Bab Pertama

Aku menghargai setiap detik yang awak berikan.

Kini awak ajar saya.

Ajar saya sekali lagi untuk gembira.

Sekarang aku gembira di samping awak.

Terima kasih kerana mengajar saya menghargai erti Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Sayang, mari ikut saya raya.

28 August 2010

The Eyes, The Blood

I don't feel right,
Present, past even future.
I know I'm losing.

I don't feel right,
Color, light and view
I know I'm bleeding.

I don't feel right,
I don't feel nice,
I know it's my fault.

I don't know how to say sorry,
to who
I don't know how to blame
to who

I feel innocent.
It's coming again.

21 August 2010

I'm With You

Don't worry,
I'm with you,

Don't cry,
I'm with you.

Don't suffer,
I'm with you,

Arms down,
Please wait.

18 August 2010


Before the night came, I couldn't see myself to betrayed people. I was born to build my life. There are beginning and ending for every human. Life is circle and newborn will rise again. My sense - is my connection , it gave me a possibility to grow. I will stand for freedom, I will stand for my own identity. I got cracked twice. Even it happen twice doesn't mean we can't move.

I will stand until the edge. Carry to the high sky - even mountain and ocean.
I don't let myself down. Love is not a simple word to describe but I will carry this love and do whatever it takes. Those betrayed will gone and disappeared.

I'm a human who always want to know who I am. I'm not always prepared but I will fight.
My father said roots connect us to the past and the wings carry us into the future.

Who am I ?
What am I stand for ?
Why I carry a love ?

Cause I have heart and I can feel this.

01 August 2010

Before The Next Chapter.

Remember the clock,
The time we should move,
Remember the day,
The moment we were seperated.

This is not a game,
This is not a lie,
It's magnificent,
It makes me .

We can't deny it.
Those are meaningful.
We can't forget the past.
Those are memories.

So far I'm hiding,
Too far to believe it.

Remember the clock,
When I'm next to you,
And to the next day,
You are so lovely.

I believe in what I trust,
If each other move,
We can't seperate the light,
We can't.
It's a promise from myself,
It won't be hard as before,
You're beautiful,
And it's pure.

Even we're not at the best,
Nothing is worst,
We will learn again,
We will learn to try.

Cause this time I will hold you
Rest will make me keep you,
This is not a force,
This is the time.

I will keep this.
I won't break it.
Thank you for your patient.
Thank you for your kindness.
Now it's pair.
Please let me appreciate your gift.

I love you.

21 July 2010

Follow The Wind

I'm away from my place,
The enemy is already gone,
I don't left everything behind,
Only for a while.

Cause you're my "all I want"
Higher than confidence

I've been stolen
For so long,
I'm not mine
It's never difficult

You have "Everything that was mistaken"
The sweetest love I ever had.

Blast everything away,
Cause every time you say goodbye,
I always thought,
You'll be the light again.

20 June 2010


Perasaannya seperti mimpi,
Ia bukannya yang diinginkan,
Tetapi yang kita fikirkan,
Juga rasa yang kita lalui.

Tidaklah indah rupanya,
Malangnya buruk lagi di dalam.
Bukannya tidak biasa,
Tetapi tidak meminta.

Selalu terjatuh,
Setiap sentuhan membawa ke arah yang berbeza,
Setiap sentuhan juga mengubah segalanya,
Jika ianya begitu , itulah juga hasilnya.

Berilah aku kepercayaan,
Peluang untuk aku sembuh,
Kapal yang berhias dengan lumut,
Pernah bersama cahaya di lautan.

16 June 2010

One Light

Ashes is now blowing,
I'm going with one light,
To the greatest world,
From the worst human,

It's over sleeping under the dawn,
It's enough to be smile in the dark.
This is the time to follow the light.
My decision will feel me.

One light will take me home.
With two pair of shoes.
I just really hope this will be with you.
Dearly beloved.

15 June 2010

Golden Boy

This is your choice to play
And chances to joy
If you think this is right
So do I for me

You might think this is life
But If you put me here
Don't ever blame what would I be,
What is the story in the end.

Cause if you concern,
this post will not appear,
The word might be wrong,
so do I for me.

You never watch closely,
who you are suppose to be,
live me here,

If this is your choice,
I can make my own choice,
My way.
to be on my own.

Now I promise,
I'm sad.
I am sad.
I am very sad.

31 May 2010

Pemberitahuan dan Pengakuan

Saya tidak mengaku saya gila. Tetapi saya rasa orang gila mana yang mengaku bahawa dia gila.
Saya mempunyai masalah kawalan diri pada sesetengah masa.
Menjerit di khayalak ramai dan melakukan tindakan tidak tentu halanya.

Saya juga banyak membuat tindakan yang tidak dijangka.
Saya terus terang,
Saya tidak ada perasaan terasa atau termakan kata daripada rakan rakan sekalian,

Terus terang saya tidak ada rasa sensitif langsung terhadap rakan-rakan.
Saya manusia yang positif dalam ruangan negatif.

Saya mempunyai dua jenis kawan sahaja dalam dunia ini "good friends / bad friends"

16 May 2010


Sometimes my heart couldn't sense,
which way I will move,
If both way look the same,
Or just stop and stay.

Walk with both feet going down,
Look all the dying fire ,
and the sorrow that I felt before,
Time could be wasted.

So cold,

But why, we turn,
and all we see just a lie,
And when, we run.
we couldn't see what we were made for.

I'm not the same / sound pretty bad,
but no one could understand,
and the love was figured out,
At least we have the less.

Would you stay for me,
Cause the people already found,
I'm holding you from myself,
Your eyes really impressed me.

Would you stay, for a while,
before you go.

10 May 2010

Gift : New Ride

This is my ride. 2 months at home.
I quite enjoy riding with the speed limit
40 km/h.

At least I don't depend on others.
I'm fine with this.
Thank you.

The Reason : I wake up

This the view,
When I wake up,
I will run,
to see the time.

Cause I never know,
There's no sun in my room,
I have to see,
Just to know,

Sometimes I'm happy.
When it's still morning,
But I'm quite happy,
It's already 4 o'clock.

other people must be,

I feel comfortable,
to see the world,
I take a bath,
I clean up my room.

I will go outside,
see the world,
walk with 50 cents in my pocket.

Is this happy ?
I don't think so
Do I feel relaxed ?
So much dear. :)

09 May 2010

06 May 2010

wake up : sleep

One thing wake me up,
One thing will change,
One thing when I realize,

This is the reason I choose,
This is the reason I trust,
This is the reason I believe,

The only answer for me,
I love you.

02 May 2010

a view from home

A view from home,
and this is what I mean,
a place where we all get together,
I am 6 years old, now I'm 20.

we are still there,
we are still there to live and laugh,
and we are there to share our experience.

Where we are right now ?
Where is our heart ?
What am I right now , for you ?

I have no answer about this,
I have no complain,
critically we have no excuse to talk about.
It's summer everyday.

Appreciated and things that surprise me,
Who am I for you ?
Who am I ?
Who am I?

I'm your son,
the one that you grew up?
remember me?
remember what we are suppose to do?

Are you letting me go ?
to go further ?
to be a man ?

Or you have a new life ?
You build it back,
how wonderful is it,
I didn't blame you.

Maybe the right one is the answer from your heart.

28 April 2010


People come, sometimes people go,
I can feel you are breathing,
I can't feel how you are,
but I'm not leaving.

People will fall
This is how they are learning
I fear, I fear of myself.
I fear to listen to the clock ticking

I am falling somehow,
and I never know the time,
I have faith to God,
God always do the right thing.

We have to prepare when we are going down.
We have to believe in fear and faith
We have to believe in God,
We are born to this, That's what we are.

It's never too late until you die,
It's never too late to believe,
It's never going to be worth,
If we try.

Open your heart,
Close your eyes,
Who you are born to be?
What human you are suppose to be?

But don't think to much,
Just believe in God,
and you will safe
even you are going down.

This is part of learning,
You never know until this is happen
You never feel until this already happened,
Don't cry.

whatever happen,
you are learning,
So believe, in God.

18 April 2010


I am watching you with sense,
Beautiful is the great word.
Wonderful is how I feel.
But it's blue.

You really can see me,
You already know me,
But If I'm away,
You can't sense me.

21 March 2010

fashion photography (outdoor)

Ideas : A single woman who was left behind, his husband was died in world war II.

Theme : A wonderful background, nice dress, sad expression

08 March 2010

A picture from Penang

this was taken in War Museum, a chair for the army.

Penang Road ( You are not allow to go beyond this)

KTMB ( Blurry evening )

IPOH ( Colour of an evening )