02 May 2010

a view from home

A view from home,
and this is what I mean,
a place where we all get together,
I am 6 years old, now I'm 20.

we are still there,
we are still there to live and laugh,
and we are there to share our experience.

Where we are right now ?
Where is our heart ?
What am I right now , for you ?

I have no answer about this,
I have no complain,
critically we have no excuse to talk about.
It's summer everyday.

Appreciated and things that surprise me,
Who am I for you ?
Who am I ?
Who am I?

I'm your son,
the one that you grew up?
remember me?
remember what we are suppose to do?

Are you letting me go ?
to go further ?
to be a man ?

Or you have a new life ?
You build it back,
how wonderful is it,
I didn't blame you.

Maybe the right one is the answer from your heart.

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