28 April 2010


People come, sometimes people go,
I can feel you are breathing,
I can't feel how you are,
but I'm not leaving.

People will fall
This is how they are learning
I fear, I fear of myself.
I fear to listen to the clock ticking

I am falling somehow,
and I never know the time,
I have faith to God,
God always do the right thing.

We have to prepare when we are going down.
We have to believe in fear and faith
We have to believe in God,
We are born to this, That's what we are.

It's never too late until you die,
It's never too late to believe,
It's never going to be worth,
If we try.

Open your heart,
Close your eyes,
Who you are born to be?
What human you are suppose to be?

But don't think to much,
Just believe in God,
and you will safe
even you are going down.

This is part of learning,
You never know until this is happen
You never feel until this already happened,
Don't cry.

whatever happen,
you are learning,
So believe, in God.

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