10 May 2010

The Reason : I wake up

This the view,
When I wake up,
I will run,
to see the time.

Cause I never know,
There's no sun in my room,
I have to see,
Just to know,

Sometimes I'm happy.
When it's still morning,
But I'm quite happy,
It's already 4 o'clock.

other people must be,

I feel comfortable,
to see the world,
I take a bath,
I clean up my room.

I will go outside,
see the world,
walk with 50 cents in my pocket.

Is this happy ?
I don't think so
Do I feel relaxed ?
So much dear. :)


  1. tarikh2 penting hidup...
    22 may...
    ade party social di kelatan...sile pergi