10 September 2010

Spirit of Depression

I can't hide this,
It's been quiet today,
Where are they ?

Karma ?
Karma ?
Karma ?

Should I believe this ?

A big part in my soul .
Still right here waiting for something.

Do they ever imagine to trade my soul to gold ?
But this can't be happen.


Faith ?
Faith ?
Yes I believe in faith.

What about fate
fate ?
I never disbelieve this.

Fact ?
Fact ?
It's a fact. You can't argue this.

Face ?
what about face ?
Is there something behind my face ?

It's an expression.
Golden expression.

But I can't hide my feeling

Cause I'm waiting for you.
For you to come and take me.

Patient my dear.
Home will come.
Home will serve you right.
Home sweet Home.

I once came,
twice I came,
This is my home,
But nobody's home.

But this is my home.
My sweet.
My love,
Will you coming home ?

None of us deserve this for right,

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