01 August 2010

Before The Next Chapter.

Remember the clock,
The time we should move,
Remember the day,
The moment we were seperated.

This is not a game,
This is not a lie,
It's magnificent,
It makes me .

We can't deny it.
Those are meaningful.
We can't forget the past.
Those are memories.

So far I'm hiding,
Too far to believe it.

Remember the clock,
When I'm next to you,
And to the next day,
You are so lovely.

I believe in what I trust,
If each other move,
We can't seperate the light,
We can't.
It's a promise from myself,
It won't be hard as before,
You're beautiful,
And it's pure.

Even we're not at the best,
Nothing is worst,
We will learn again,
We will learn to try.

Cause this time I will hold you
Rest will make me keep you,
This is not a force,
This is the time.

I will keep this.
I won't break it.
Thank you for your patient.
Thank you for your kindness.
Now it's pair.
Please let me appreciate your gift.

I love you.