18 August 2010


Before the night came, I couldn't see myself to betrayed people. I was born to build my life. There are beginning and ending for every human. Life is circle and newborn will rise again. My sense - is my connection , it gave me a possibility to grow. I will stand for freedom, I will stand for my own identity. I got cracked twice. Even it happen twice doesn't mean we can't move.

I will stand until the edge. Carry to the high sky - even mountain and ocean.
I don't let myself down. Love is not a simple word to describe but I will carry this love and do whatever it takes. Those betrayed will gone and disappeared.

I'm a human who always want to know who I am. I'm not always prepared but I will fight.
My father said roots connect us to the past and the wings carry us into the future.

Who am I ?
What am I stand for ?
Why I carry a love ?

Cause I have heart and I can feel this.

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